April Beach and Sons, Erie CO


Gas Facility: Five drilling pads within a mile
Air; dust
Lesion in  spinal cord,  asthma, migraines,  severe  auto immune issues,GI issues and extreme pain
Testimony: “Time passed in this new home and our youngest boy Sam, presented some extreme sensitivities. First let me say that Sam is my hero. He is the toughest, strongest, happiest, “water-off-a-ducks-back” kid I have ever met. Sam is a regular at the ER for on-contact anaphylaxis allergy issues. Sam’s auto immune issues are “unexplainably severe” and only 3% of the population experience reactions like Sam does, according to his doctors. Even with this, Sam never had asthma or any breathing issues. On top of Sam’s issues, we are all very frequently sick! In fact, we are sick so often that our friends began to recommend we look into outside causes. Sicknesses would range from colds and flu symptoms, to migraines, to GI issues and lethargy, to strange and unexplained pains in our bodies….After 8 months of tests, spinal tapping and MRIs, I was diagnosed with an ‘unexplained lesion in my spinal cord’.”