Pushing for the safety of our families in Erie, Colorado

Our Mission: To help protect and advocate for the well being of the families in communities affected by natural gas operations. We seek information and education on the health and environmental issues that affect us all so that we can take actions and seek governmental support to keep our children safe and healthy, if and when necessary.

Erie Rising Believes: We all have the unalienable right to live in a town with clean air, safe water and a healthy environment.

It is the duty of our publicly elected officials to uphold and protect these rights and keep us safe.
It is our duty as committed members of the community to raise our voices and exercise our rights to protect ourselves, our families, and our future.
Erie Rising’s Position on Natural Gas Drilling and Mining Using Hydraulic Fracturing: We believe the onus lies squarely with the gas companies and our elected officials to prove that natural gas drilling and mining by fracturing is safe and does not pose a real or imminent threat to our children, our health or our environment. We are seeking scientific studies and other information to prove we are not at risk from this activity. We pledge that, in the absence of that proof, we will take action to keep it out of our community and away from our schools until such proof is available.

Our Approach: We will continue to seek and post crucial information about what is being done around us without our consent and fully disclose everything we find so the citizens of Erie, Colorado are not in the dark about the environment impact businesses and corporations are wreaking on our neighborhoods, our families, and our health.

How You Can Help: If you or someone you know has information that others in Erie should know about due to the Natural Gas Drilling and Mining that’s going on around us – please reach out to us through our Contact Us page.